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hatgoos ✅


give your goos a hat (or your hat a goos if you prefer)

Get it: (Source)

Goose Version: v0.3

Mod Version: 0.1.0

Author: DaNike#6223


The launcher is an easier way to install and use mods.

However, you can still manually download mods on this website!

Grab a copy: Launcher Download.

Installation guide

First, make sure that you are running Desktop Goose v0.3.

There should be a “Mods” folder in the “Assets” folder. If not, you’re running v0.2. Go to the Desktop Goose page on to download v0.3. The macOS version does not support mods yet.

Need help? Something not working right? Feel free to ask for support in the #goose-mods channel on the discord server.

  1. If you have the Goose running, close him first.
  2. Go to the Mods folder in the Assets folder.
  3. Open the file.
  4. Copy the folder from the file to the Mods directory.
  5. Go back to the Desktop Goose folder.
  6. If you haven’t already, open config.ini and change EnableMods=False to EnableMods=True
  7. If you haven’t already, save the config.ini file.
  8. Done!

Custom Hats

jotarogoos, diogoos

Tutorial on Custom Hats

  1. Run the GooseDesktop.exe once (This will create a config.toml file)

  2. Exit the program (press and hold esc)

  3. Go to the Mods folder in the Assets folder

  4. Open the Hatgoos Folder

  5. Open the Config.toml file in Notepad (right click, select Open With, then select Notepad)

  6. Set HatMode = “Default” to HatMode = “Custom”

  7. Set the CustomHatPath = “” to an image path (it need two backslashes because it is a toml file)


CustomHatPath = “C:\\Users\\username\\Downloads\\PC\\Desktop Goose Modded v0.3\\Assets\\Hats\\hat3.png”

  1. Save your Config.toml

  2. Run the GooseDesktop.exe to see the new changes

Settings in Config

Below is a chart that should tell you what kind of setting are there in your config file. Function will tell you what happens if you were to manipulate that setting,

Setting Function
HatMode Default - sets to Default hat , Custom - sets to using custom hats , None - No Hats
HorizontalSize Sets the size of the hat (Only positive numbers)
HatPosition Sets hat position (Positive and negative numbers)
CustomHatPath Sets it to current custom hat location


Q: Where can I get the Sample Hat Pack?

A: It was made by one of the discord members here

Q: Do the hats have to be 32x32? (Based on the provided from previous question)

A: No, the hats can be larger than 1000x1000 or smaller than 32x32.

Q: Do the hats have to be pixel? Can I only use the hats in that file?

A: No, you can add any kind of hat you want. That sample pack is suppose to act as a reference for making or adding your own hats.