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Welcome to ResourceHub, the unofficial website/repository for everything Desktop Goose.


The launcher is an easier way to install and use mods. However, you can still manually download mods on this website!

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The Launcher will not function if GitHub is having issues.

Support SamPerson, download the vanilla goose!

Download the Goose. Using mods requires downloading the vanilla goose first.

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All content related to mods has moved! Find mods by clicking here.

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FAQs 🤔❓

A mod doesn’t appear to be working after I install it properly.

If your mod isn’t working, refer to this checklist to see what step might be missing:



Q: How do I uninstall the goose? A: Delete the DesktopGoose folder and all of its contents.

Q: Does Desktop Goose support more than one monitor? A: No, and it’s not planned at the moment. It works on one screen even if you have multiple monitors, and getting the goose to walk across screens is a whole thing.

Q: Will there be mod support on MacOS? A: This is not likely to happen soon

Q: How do I make the goose do xyz A: Most things about the goose are configurable in the goose.ini, alternatively if you are using Desktop Goose on MacOS you can configure the goose via Desktop Goose application.

Q. What operating systems are officially supported? A: Windows, MacOS, the next port in line is for the Samsung Smart Fridge:™️:

Q: Is the goose safe to run with video games? A: It depends, the goose biting the cursor may trigger anticheats in some multiplayer games. A community-maintained safety list is hosted here

Q: How do I add custom text boxes, or images for the goose to drag? A: In the DesktopGoose folder, there is an “Assets” folder - Add your own text and image files to the proper Images/Memes and Text locations in there!

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